If Your Restaurant Isn’t Doing This on Social Media, You’re Missing Out

In a recent interview with Gary Vaynerchuk, Jon Taffer (known for his hit show Bar Rescue) touched on restaurant marketing and customer retention, saying:

  • A first-time customer is about 40% likely to return for a second visit.
  • If they return for a second visit, they’re still only about 42% likely to return for a third visit.
  • If they return for a third visit, they’re 70% likely to return for a fourth visit.

Restaurant Customer Retention Social Media

Taffer emphasizes how important it is to capture guests’ loyalty on their first three visits. If you can do that, you most likely have a long-term return customer.

He lays out an example of how this might work.

  • The host/hostess asks the guest if it’s their first time eating at your restaurant.
  • If they’re first-timers, you signal this to servers and management (e.g. new guests get red napkins).
  • Management comps the guest’s meal on their first visit, and hands them a “$5 off” coupon for a specific meal. That coupon prompts the second visit.
  • Servers and management know it’s the guest’s second visit when they use the coupon — only given to select first-time guests.
  • The second meal is closing, management approaches the guest as they’re finishing, asks how the meal was (ya know, does the standard restaurant manager small talk) and says, “You’ve gotta try our [insert dessert or appetizer].” Then hands them a coupon for a free piece of cheese cake, for example, for use during their third visit. Now you’ve prompted their third visit.

So, let’s say the first meal cost you $5. The second meal isn’t a big loss, with only a $5 discount. The third meal you gave away a $1.35 piece of cheese cake.

For a total of around $6, you’ve given the customer three exceptional experiences and gained a 70% likelihood they come back for a fourth visit (and again and again after that).

Research shows a loyal guest will buy 1.7 times per month, over a 2.7 year period on average. When you compare that $6 to the lifetime value of the customer, well…you get the point.

On top of that, this customer has a very favorable view of your restaurant, so they’re far more likely to tell their friends about how great the place is. For a measly $6, you might be turning a profit of hundreds or thousands by the time word-of-mouth takes full effect.

“Okay, great. But how does social media play into this?”

Well, I’m gonna tell ya, if you just calm down. (I know, this is exciting shit!)

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Why Facebook Video Ads Are a Must for Your Small Business

You know what’s fun? Spending your marketing budget on ads that don’t make a difference.

I kid.

American marketing pioneer, John Wanamaker, once remarked, “Half the money I spend on advertisements is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” [Tweet This]

Why Facebook Video Ads Are a Must for Your Small Business

Most small business owners have no trouble relating to this sentiment, so you’re definitely not alone.

The good great news is modern ad targeting techniques have ushered in a vastly-improved approach to understanding ad performance and managing ad spending, especially for small businesses.

While there are plenty of reliable options for online pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Facebook video advertisements are one of the best ways to track down that high ROI.

Below is a general description of what makes Facebook a strong ad platform, along with an infographic from Memory Tree Productions outlining why your business can’t afford to ignore Facebook video ads.

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Do Small Businesses Need to Be On Every Social Media Platform?

Your obsession with being everywhere is likely the reason you’re always nowhere.

Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, BeBee…

The list of social platforms seems to grow endlessly, and you’re left wondering if your business should be present on all or most of them?

Do Small Businesses Need to Be On Every Social Media Platform?

After all, everybody wants to be on the cutting edge and you feel like you simply can’t afford to miss the next big thing, right?


There are two major points of consideration when deciding where your small business should have a social media presence.

  • What marketing resources do you have available to you?
  • How do your customers prefer to consume information?

As you approach an answer to these questions, you’ll inevitably narrow down what platforms are likely to return the most value.

So, let’s chat about these considerations in detail.

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The Definitive Guide to Native Advertising for Small Businesses

Guest post presented by Maribel Creative Agency.

Native advertising has become an increasingly popular way for companies to promote themselves.

While not a novel concept — marketing firms have been producing native ads since the advent of print journalism — new questions regarding ethics and efficacy have arisen over the past couple of years. Native advertisements take many forms.

The Definitive Guide to Native Advertising for Small Businesses

Promoted tweets on Twitter, suggested posts on Facebook, and “advertorials,” fall under the native ad umbrella. Websites like BuzzFeed and Cracked have proliferated the genre, and chances are, if you are reading this article, you have stumbled upon some form of native advertising on the web.

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5 Innovative Startups Who Are Owning Their Social Space

For small-medium business owners who are just dipping their toe into the murky waters of marketing, getting to grips with social media management can feel like an overwhelming task.

If you’re struggling to understand how to use social media in a way that grows your audience, boosts engagement and drives traffic to your website, you’re not alone.

5 Innovative Startups Who Are Owning Their Social Space

One of the best ways to get better at something is to learn from those who are already doing it correctly. Of course, with social media there are few hard and fast rules about ‘right’ and ‘wrong,’ but there are certain approaches that generally prove effective (and others less so).

Use the following examples to inspire your own social media plan for better business growth and engagement.

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