8 Ways to Promote Your Latest Blog Post

Post by Nicholas Scalice (@nscalice)

So, you’ve worked tirelessly selecting a topic, researching it, creating an outline, and writing the actual blog post.

Then you added some images, embedded some links, and clicked that “publish” button with a sigh of relief.

Ah, the work is done, or so you think.

Well, guess what? You’re not finished just yet.

8 Ways to Promote Your Latest Blog Post

Publishing a new post on your blog is just half the battle, and frankly, it’s the easy part. The real work begins when you go out there and promote that post so that it gets the widest exposure in the shortest amount of time.

How do you do this? By using a fairly straightforward formula, which I will outline below. From the minute you click “publish,” these actions should be waiting on your to-do list.

You put all of this effort into your post, so why let it sit there on your blog, with very little attention? Certainly the post won’t share itself.

That’s where these actions can help make the difference between a mediocre blog with very little activity and visibility and a blog that is a social hotspot.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to the list:

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7 Marketing Tactics from Zynga That Really Work

7 Top Marketing Lessons from ZyngaAfter only four years in existence, Zynga is already earning over a billion dollars a year in revenue. No gaming company has grown so big in so little time before.

Part of the reason for this growth was an incredible change in the way games are consumed. Games like Farmville have moved beyond being only for young men and have found wide acceptance across all age groups. In addition, the Facebook platform has allowed games to quickly spread through players’ personal networks.

Though the changing landscape has been a tremendous help, Zynga’s success is no coincidence. They have a solid marketing plan that has been executed as well as any, and it’s Zynga’s understanding of behavioral psychology and viral marketing that has allowed them to dominate the social gaming environment so quickly.

The success of Zynga has a lot to teach us about marketing in the digital age. Below are seven outstanding marketing lessons we can all take away from Zynga’s success.

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Is Politeness Driving Your Brand Off the Boredom Cliff?

Creating a Brand PersonalityWe’re told to be polite, earnest, and respectful. However, as we’ve learned from Reality TV, face slaps and unfiltered emotions are often more engaging than polite interaction. Micro-blogger Chad Johnson attracted a lot of praise for the influence he earned with raw unfiltered messaging; Twitalyzer in 2011 called Chad Ochocinco the most influential American on Twitter.

Recently, we’ve seen an epic “brawl” on Twitter centered around Nassim Nicholas Taleb and his book, Antifragile-Things That Gain From Disorder. Dr Taleb has attracted a lot of attention with his challenging, brash, and often bombastic tweets. His persona is more Ochocinco then Emily Post. Even more interesting is that his topic is Macroeconomics and Econometrics rather than cheating spouses, baller theatrics, and celebutantes. He is making economics interesting.

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5 Key Steps to Engaging People with Social Media

Engage People with Social MediaEngagement, engagement, engagement.  That seems to be the popular buzzword in the social media industry these days.

While engagement isn’t exactly the purpose of social media, it’s certainly an important ingredient for achieving results and impacting the bottom line.

With so many people and businesses flooding social media with their messages, breaking through the noise and getting people to genuinely engage you in conversation can be a daunting task.

It doesn’t have to be though!

Below are five key steps to engaging people with social media and expanding the scope of your business.

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10 Fundamental Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter Etiquette

Twitter has exploded in Do's and Don'ts of Twitter - Twitter Etiquettepopularity over the past few years, offering businesses a way to listen to and reach out to their target audiences.

While Twitter was built on a platform of simplicity, it’s by no means an easy marketing tool to grasp.  A few misconceptions about how to use Twitter can land your business in a minefield of negativity and bad PR.

For that reason alone, it’s important to be aware of the fundamental “rules” of Twitter etiquette before you dive in.  If your brand is already on Twitter, these do’s and don’ts will serve as a handy checklist to ensure your behavior isn’t putting off customers.

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