7 Sharp Ways To Boost Your Visual Content With Twitter’s Vine App

This is a guest post from Jasmine Henry of Inbound Marketing Agents.

How to Use Vine App for Social Media MarketingIt was only matter of time before Twitter met users’ hunger for visual social media content.

Following a year when Instagram grew dramatically (subsequently being acquired by Facebook for $1 billion) and Pinterest grew to attract 1,090 visitors a minute, Twitter’s January 24th launch of the Vine app hasn’t been a disappointment.

In fact, Vine has quickly become one of the hottest topics in social media marketing, leaving brands and consumers buzzing about ways to maximize the social experience using Vine’s six-second video clips.

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5 Copywriting Mistakes New Bloggers Make (And How to Fix Them)

This is a guest post from Dan Stelter.Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid

There’s no substitute for great copy.  The right words in the right context will move your audience to action far more often than any other incentive placed in front of them.  As a blogger, trust and credibility are conveyed by the value you provide through written word.

For that reason alone, it’s imperative to avoid these following five common copywriting mistakes.

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Social Media Is Ubiquitous, But Still Special [Rebuttal]

Is Social Media Irrelevant?

It’s a common human story.

Something new enters the public consciousness and there are years of debate concerning whether it’s only a fad or has the staying power to become a long-term fixture in society.  That is certainly true of social media and all the related topics, such as social media selling and the two biggest questions: “Who in my company should manage social media?” and “Is social media important?”

Mark Blackham recently published a piece on Social Media Today entitled, Everything is Social, so ‘Social Media’ is Irrelevant,” with the main point being to stop treating social media as an area that deserves the attention of specialists and experts.

While I agree that everything is social, I would never concede that social media is irrelevant.

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Social Media for Nonprofits: 3 Ways to Engage Do-Gooders

This is a guest post my Mike Query of BACC.

People enjoy doing good.Using Social Media for Nonprofits

One of the reasons I believe the “Golden Rule” has survived the test of time is it’s hard not to feel like you’ve left a better legacy after doing something that betters the life of another.  McCartney and company echoed this in their last recording when they sang “…and in the end, the love you make is equal to the love you take.”

So if it feels so great to give, why don’t we see more talk of it in the blogosphere? And even better still, is there anyone searching for these stories, looking to be inspired to do good?

I manage the web initiatives for several Bay Area community service programs, which means I’m responsible for generating content and building relationships with those around Bay Area who are interested in volunteering.  Social media has provided me with plenty of tools to drum up support for all sorts of causes, and without it we would not be as strong as we are today.

Here are three ways you can use social media to engage volunteers or get involved yourself.

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One Strategy to Rule Them All: Driving Revenue with Social Media

Driving Revenue with Social MediaMany businesses look at social media and say “Ah, there’s no way our product or brand would be interesting enough for anyone to care,” or “No one is going to buy our product on Facebook! Our average order is WAY too expensive.” These businesses want to use social media to drive sales.

And why shouldn’t they?

If they’re going to pay a consultant or team member to market to potential customers on those networks, wanting that marketing to translate into real dollars and cents is a reasonable expectation. Up to this point, the response has often been lackluster. Words like branding and community typically take the place of tougher words like revenue and return on investment.

I’m here to tell you today the code has been cracked – driving and measuring revenue with social media can be done by any business. There’s one strategy that can work for ANYONE.

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