Maximizing Facebook Reach and Engagement Using @Buffer (Lesson)

[Note: This lesson requires upgrading your Buffer account to the Awesome Plan. Well worth it!]

If you’ve caught me here on the blog or on social media enough, you know Buffer [referral link] is my favorite social media management platform, especially for individuals and small businesses.

Updating Facebook at the Perfect Times Using @Buffer

I’ve talked at length about the great integration between Buffer, Feedly, and IFTTT and how it’s saved me tons of time managing multiple Twitter presences.

Buffer works flawlessly 99.9% of the time. The same can’t be said of Hootsuite, to be honest.

And, when there is a problem, I know from personal experience that their customer service is beyond excellent and will fix it almost immediately.

If you aren’t on Buffer yet, get there and share it with your friends as well. They’ll probably buy you a drink out of gratitude.

With that said, let’s jump into this lesson where I’ll explain a simple way you can use Buffer to maximize your Facebook reach and engagement.

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Twitter 101: 6 Fundamentals to Growing Your Twitter Following

Post by Savannah Marie of

It’s never a good idea to buy your friends, and social media is no exception to this rule.

Nevertheless, it’s a common practice for businesses, brands and even celebrities to pay for Facebook likes, YouTube views, and Twitter followers in order to boost their prominence in the social media sphere.

If your followers come from Fiverr, put your hand up (as she slowly raises her hand in shame).

6 Fundamentals to Growing Your Twitter Following

Although buying social proof is certainly an easy way to build buzz, there are more meaningful ways to bolster your brand without emptying your wallet.

Furthermore, the benefits of acquiring follows from your target audience far outweigh the benefits of thoughtless follows.

Below are six tips to growing your Twitter following sans Fiverr.

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How Technology and Social Media Are Changing Sports

Post by Kelley McGrath (@KelleyAnnMac).

How Technology and Social Media Are Changing SportsFrom how you do your grocery shopping to how you spend your leisure time, it’s no secret that modern technology and social media are having drastic impacts.

So how have these two forces made their way into the sports arena?

Sports like football and soccer are decidedly low-tech activities, which makes it all the more surprising that modern tech innovations and social media are impacting our consumption of sporting events in such significant and far-reaching ways.

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Social Media Disasters and What We Can Learn from Them

Post by Ben Taylor from Eloqua.

Social media has become one of the most indispensable forms of marketing to date.

Brands are born and developed on it, personalities go from obscurity to superstardom, and great ideas are rampantly shared. There are many examples of social media successes to inspire us.

However, reputations are also damaged and horrifying gaffes are made, so let’s look at some examples of that and learn how we can avoid mistakes made by other brands.

Schadenfreude is fun.

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Are We Really That Obsessed With the ROI of Social Media?

Are We Really That Obsessed with the ROI of Social MediaThe social media marketing industry is still in its infancy and with that comes loads of people making decisions they shouldn’t be in charge of making.

I was on Reddit recently and came across a thread in the social media subreddit about someone having to report social media metrics and numbers back to his boss.

We’re talking about things like:

  • How many times the company’s name was mentioned on social, forums, etc. that month.
  • The raw number of new followers and fans the company gained.
  • How high Reach was on Facebook.
  • How many mentions the company received on Twitter.
  • And so on…

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