4 Apps Your Small Business Can’t Survive Without

4 Apps Your Small Business Can't Survive WithoutIt was recently reported that more than 50% of America are now smartphone owners, and this has become a stark realization for business owners and marketers. This growing trend of on-the-go consumers makes it incredibly important for small businesses to evolve into mobile-focused organizations. Not only is marketing towards these mobile customers critical, but so is making sure you can operate your own business no matter where you are.

As this trend continues to grow, mobile phones will play a larger role in our lives and our businesses. If you don’t have a smartphone, now just might be the time to make that leap. Personally, I waited quite a while before getting one, and now I can’t imagine why I waited so long or how I could ever go back.

If you are a small business and smartphone owner, there are likely apps you use regularly to keep things going on the move. Mail, web browser, and the like are all pretty standard, but here are a few you might be missing out on. I have used each extensively and I’ve found the following apps to be essential.

These four apps make organizing your thoughts, finances, and marketing easier even when you’re away from the computer or office. The apps also sync with a desktop version, allowing a seamless connection between your smartphone and your computer.

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Two Questions Stumping Social Media Sales People

Anyone who sits down with clients to discuss social media always gets a handful of common questions.

Even this painful one still comes up from time to time:

“Twitter?  Who cares if I’m having a sandwich or brushing my teeth?”

Questions Clients Ask About Social Media

Most social media sales people are ready for those questions.  They have the answers waiting on the tip of their tongue, because they’ve been asked so many times.

But there are some huge questions business owners frequently ask that I’ve seen stump sellers.

Maybe these questions are so simple and obvious to advocates of social media that it’s difficult to verbalize an answer to the layperson.

Whatever the reason, are you getting stumped by the questions below when you sit down with potential clients?

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Louisville Businesses Missing the Now Revolution of Social Media

I recently started reading Jay Baer’s and Amber Naslund’s The Now Revolution and was immediately motivated to write a post after reading this gem on the very first page…

The future of business is not in measured, scrutinized responses or carefully planned initiatives.  Business will soon be about near-instantaneous response; about making the best decisions you can with the extremely limited information you have; about every customer being a reporter, and every reporter being a customer; about winning and losing customers in real time, every second of every day; and about a monumental increase in the availability of commentary about our companies.  Business will be always on, always changing, always moving.

This is a simple paragraph on the surface, but it goes to the heart of social media for business — dubbed the “Now Revolution” — better than anything I’ve read in the past.  After reading this, I started thinking about the business environment in Louisville.

I started thinking about the local retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, night clubs and bars, entertainment venues, and other small businesses I visit.

All this thinking left me wondering: Is Louisville missing the Now Revolution?

 Louisville Social Media

The skyline of the Louisville, a city that may be missing the train of the Now Revolution. Image credit: louisville.umclubs.com

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Foolproof Ways to Release Your Inner Gen on Social Media

Businesses are quickly recognizing the strength of social media, so it’s no surprise that there has been a sudden rise of confusing noise from too many Facebook statuses, too many tweets, and too many blogs. Obviously you don’t have the power to make everyone else be quiet, so the only option is to break through the noise.

How Can You Break Through the Noise?

Solution: Release your Inner Gen, where “Gen” is short for “genuineness” (clever play on words, if I do say so myself).  To break the barrier and get noticed, you must be genuine and personal in your approach.  What are the best ways to release your Inner “Gen” and build those social media relationships?

Be genuine when using social media for business. Focus on being a real person, not a mindless tweeter and status updater.

Businesses must be genuine on social media — release their “Inner Gen.” Lead with your personality, not your business.  Be weird.  Be conversational. Image Credit to beliefnet.com.

Lead with Your Personality, Not Your Business

Posting company updates is great, but nobody wants to carry a conversation with a business that does nothing except promote themselves.  Consumers want to talk to real people and they get frustrated when they’re forced to talk to a machine.  The businesses that are genuinely wearing their personalities on their sleeves are seeing the greatest success with social media.  Check out 9 Companies Doing Social Media Right and Why for some great examples.

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Branding in the Social Media Age [Infographic]

This infographic shows how important it is for businesses to brand themselves using social media. There’s no question about it; the numbers speak for themselves.

Branding and Social Media Statistics – How People Are Interacting With Brands Online

Image Credit: aytm.com

Source: AYTM Market Research

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