How Employers Use Social Media for Job Recruiting [Infographic]

As social media continues to push into the mainstream, businesses are clearly taking note. Many businesses are making an effort to connect to their customers online, but that’s not all they’re looking for.

Research has shown that nearly all job recruiters are using social media to connect with potential employees as well. The following infographic (courtesy of Jobvite) shows the trend of companies adopting social media for job recruitment over the past few years.

Key TakeawaysHow Employers Use Social Media
  • Social Recruitment is at an all time high. A total of 92% of recruiters are using social networks to scope out potential hires. [Tweet This]
  • Over the past few years, LinkedIn has only increased its share of this market, now being utilized for a whopping 93% of all social media recruiting. [Tweet This]
  • The research also shows that 89% of recruiters said LinkedIn produced successful hires for them (Facebook was second with only 25%). [Tweet This]
  • Many surveyed recruiters found that candidate quality and quantity has increased through the use of social media, and some indicated that the hiring process was quicker and more employee referrals were made.

Overall, this goes to show how important having a well-maintained social presence (especially on LinkedIn) can be if you’re in the job market.

Social Recruitment Infographic


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  1. If I do not see much on people’s LInkedin profile it sends me the message they do not care to be helpful in hiring them whethter it is a contract – business transaction or as an employee.

  2. Jeff Belonger says:

    You would think these numbers would be hight, which they should be. My only problem is, how accurate is the information on sites such as LinkedIn. Recommendations can be a joke at times. I had people that I have never even met online ask me for a recommendation. Overall, some good information to think about..

    • True, I think it’s important for recruiters to analyze the content on the profile. Though in my experiences it’s not incredibly difficult to distinguish a fake recommendation from a real one. I think recruiters can get a feel for the personality of the applicant in some cases and of course check out their experience/interests and so on.

  3. Great info brothers! I’m blown away at how bad LinkedIn is killing it! Does this mean good-bye to

    • I’d say Monster still has its purposes in bringing in applicants. I don’t think the paper resume will ever die, but I think LinkedIn could threaten its “monopoly” on the applicant market…if you catch what I’m saying!

  4. Lori Cain says:

    I keep my LinkedIn profile updated and do ask for recommendations from clients – it’s like an online business card – not surprised as the numbers. Great post!

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