Instagram Enhanced is a seven day course teaching you exactly how to gain more Instagram followers, more engagement, and more influence.



  • Day One: Optimizing Your Profile to Get More Followers and Drive Website Traffic

  • Day Two: Understanding Instagram’s Algorithm and Determining How Often You Should Post

  • Day Three: How To Research and Use Hashtags to Maximize Engagement

  • Day Four: How To Write Exceptional Captions for Easy Reading and More Comments

  • Day Five: Using Instagram Stories to Increase Engagement and Drive Followers to Your Website

  • Day Six: Being Social: Quickly Growing Followers with Good Tagging Etiquette and Features/Shoutouts

  • Day Seven: Wrap Up and Bringing Together All That New Instagram Expertise



One problem I’ve always had with courses of this nature is the creator rarely sticks around to provide support throughout or after the course.

I want to provide that support and have time for one-on-one coaching to make sure you’re seeing the results you want.

So, that means the course will only be open to a limited number of people at any given time.

If you want to be certain you’ll get a seat, hop on the wait list below and you’ll be the first to know as soon as the course launches in March.




Jonathan Payne, My Social Game Plan

What’s up? I’m Jonathan Payne, Founder and Author of My Social Game Plan, where I’ve spent the last six years writing and teaching others about digital marketing.

With the insane growth of Instagram lately, there’s reasonably been a lot more attention placed on the platform.

From business owners to photographers to musicians, I see so many people struggling with building a presence they’re proud of on Instagram.

Instagram Enhanced is my attempt to put that struggle to rest. I’ve observed the big-name influencers, noted the strategies and tactics they use, and successfully put them to work myself. Now, I want to pass on that knowledge to you.


Instagram Enhanced is centered around one goal: you will walk away with dependable strategies and tactics that, combined with hard work and time, will lead you to more followers, more engagement, and more influence.