The Social Locker Room - Social Media for the Small Business Owner

The Social Locker Room is my YouTube channel, where I routinely share videos with practical social media marketing guides, lessons, and tips for business owners.

This is also where I publish a new episode of the Social Media Weekly News at the end of each week — a two-minute round-up of top stories related to digital and social media marketing. This weekly episode is the easiest, fastest way to make sure you stay on top of changes in the social media world.

Basically, I’m the Walter Cronkite of social media. Ha!


The Social Locker Room also takes the form of a private Facebook group of business owners and professional digital marketers.

Just like a sports locker room, we use this space to talk offense and defense — our game plans for social media marketing, content marketing, video marketing, and plenty more.

The Locker Room is a place where everyone is a coach and team player. We make a simple pact to help each other solve business problems, improve our digital marketing strategies, and grow our social media presences.


You Have A Blog…

If you have a blog, but lack readers and subscribers, you know how hard it is to get a post off the ground. Wouldn’t it be great if you had just a handful of people dedicated to sharing your content? Well, here is your handful of people! A small tribe can still make a world of difference when you combine everyone’s connections.

You Have A Facebook or Instagram Page…

Would you like to have more engagement and activity on your social media outlets? Would you like to build a strong community around your pages and brand? Every week, we make an effort to be more active on each others’ pages to help foster community growth and conversation.

Connect With Marketing Influencers…

Do you want an opportunity to connect with other influencers in the digital marketing world? Like they always say, “it’s all about who you know!” Build relationships with the members of this group and you’ll soon find yourself in touch with people making big moves in the industry.

You Have Marketing Questions…

Have a marketing problem or a cool new idea you want to bounce of like-minded people? We have members from just about every field of marketing you can think of — B2B, B2C, mobile, sales, blogging, SEO, traditional advertising…you name it. If someone in the group can’t help you, you’ll likely be referred to someone who can.