5 Key Considerations When Designing a Business Website

Your website is often the first factor that influences how people feel about your business. Recent research found 97% of consumers use online media to aid their purchasing decisions.

Let’s put it this way: poor web design and functionality? Then the back button is getting clicked immediately and your product is out of that potential customer’s consideration set.

Yep, it happens that fast.

5 Key Considerations When Designing a Business Website

Great web design assures every online visitor they’re about to have an enjoyable experience the moment he or she lands on the site. When done correctly, it leads the visitor out of the unknown and into the known, providing knowledge about and access to a solution that meets their needs.

A quality web design should lead visitors exactly where they need to go. It’s imperative the design offers every visitor specific actions to take before leaving the website, whether that’s making a purchase, filling out a lead generation form, subscribing, or making a phone call.

While designing a business website or blog can be a very complex process, here are five key considerations to always keep in mind.

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