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How to Complete an SEO Competitive Analysis

How to Complete an SEO Competitive AnalysisHave you ever looked at a competitor’s website and wondered why they were ranking higher than you in search engines?

In this post, we’re going to walk through the process of completing a search engine optimization (SEO) analysis, a tool to help you better understand the competitive landscape of search engine rankings in your industry.

This SEO competitive analysis will provide a base of knowledge and a strategic foundation you can use to outrank your competitors in Google and other search engines.

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Optimizing Your Word of Mouth Advertising

Optimizing Your Word of Mouth AdvertisingPost by Rob Swystun from @RhinoForceLLC.

Back in the dark ages (pre-internet 20th Century), businesses put a lot of effort into gaining and maintaining a stellar reputation.

They knew that no matter how much they advertised, the real advertising was done when customers and clients told other people about the business and gave it their unofficial endorsement.

Who would you rather trust for information about how good a business is: your best friend or a TV commercial paid for by the company?

This type of word-of-mouth advertising has lent itself nicely to the internet with sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, where people leave reviews of businesses allowing people to check if the business has a good or bad reputation.

Once upon a time, directory listings like Yelp received pretty high rankings on SERPs. They fell out of favor with Google after some time.

But, with Google’s recent algorithm change, Hummingbird, directories are making a comeback in Google results.

Hummingbird seems to be returning more specific metro-level pages from these national directories for generic keywords, especially keywords that include geo-modifiers.

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Twitter 101: 6 Fundamentals to Growing Your Twitter Following

Post by Savannah Marie of seocompanygo.com.

It’s never a good idea to buy your friends, and social media is no exception to this rule.

Nevertheless, it’s a common practice for businesses, brands and even celebrities to pay for Facebook likes, YouTube views, and Twitter followers in order to boost their prominence in the social media sphere.

If your followers come from Fiverr, put your hand up (as she slowly raises her hand in shame).

6 Fundamentals to Growing Your Twitter Following

Although buying social proof is certainly an easy way to build buzz, there are more meaningful ways to bolster your brand without emptying your wallet.

Furthermore, the benefits of acquiring follows from your target audience far outweigh the benefits of thoughtless follows.

Below are six tips to growing your Twitter following sans Fiverr.

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8 Ways to Promote Your Latest Blog Post

Post by Nicholas Scalice (@nscalice)

So, you’ve worked tirelessly selecting a topic, researching it, creating an outline, and writing the actual blog post.

Then you added some images, embedded some links, and clicked that “publish” button with a sigh of relief.

Ah, the work is done, or so you think.

Well, guess what? You’re not finished just yet.

8 Ways to Promote Your Latest Blog Post

Publishing a new post on your blog is just half the battle, and frankly, it’s the easy part. The real work begins when you go out there and promote that post so that it gets the widest exposure in the shortest amount of time.

How do you do this? By using a fairly straightforward formula, which I will outline below. From the minute you click “publish,” these actions should be waiting on your to-do list.

You put all of this effort into your post, so why let it sit there on your blog, with very little attention? Certainly the post won’t share itself.

That’s where these actions can help make the difference between a mediocre blog with very little activity and visibility and a blog that is a social hotspot.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to the list:

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The Benefits of Long-Form Content

Post by Savannah Marie of seocompanygo.com.

With short character limits and the dominance of image-only platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, Internet marketing has been trending toward smaller and shorter content.

Given the fast-paced nature of the world we live in, small content that gets a message across has become a very popular and effective strategy among marketers.

In direct contrast to this trend is the reemergence of long-form content.


Organizations and bloggers are beginning to reintroduce longer, more substantial content pieces into their marketing schemes.

In a digital space where 140 characters has become the norm, these pieces of content stand out and serve as valuable resources for the organizations that create them.

Below is a discussion of the value of long-form content and an argument for its inclusion in your brand’s marketing mix.

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