Top 5 Marketing Podcasts Every Small Business Owner Should Listen To

Guest post by Emily Johnson.

Small businesses are a lot of things…

Like a constant source of joy and accomplishment to the budding entrepreneurs who are their creators, or fruitful part-time occupations that allow you to build a side hustle.

And ideally, they fetch you money.

But that doesn’t happen without a brand or marketing strategy.

5 Marketing Podcasts Every Small Business Owner Should Listen To

As much as small business owners may be experts in their respective niches, approaching the business with a marketing mindset is a different skill entirely. Never mind that it’s a full-time job just keeping up with the rapid changes and challenges digital marketing frequently presents.

Fortunately, lots of prominent marketing consultants and successful business owners are sharing their expertise in the form of podcasts. Easy to consume on-the-go and typically lacking fluff, podcasts are an exceptional way for business owners to brush up on their marketing knowledge without sacrificing much time.

The podcast compilation below offers book-loads of marketing advice on how to make a small business thrive. These marketing podcasts are information-packed and entertaining, while making sure your time is used in a good way.

It’s time to put your listening ears on…

1) Content Inc. by Joe Pulizzi

Content Inc. is packs a powerful punch in a very brief amount of time. In 15 minute episodes, Content Inc. deals with a number of questions most budding entrepreneurs have about growing their business using content marketing.

In short, you’ll learn why your marketing focus should be publishing content that delivers distinct value and builds relationships with your audience, rather than adopting a transaction mindset and relying on traditional sales tactics and advertising channels.

In other words: Content Inc. offers the tools you need to know to grow a small business in the 21st century.

2) The Marketing Companion by Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster

The Marketing Companion, dubbed the world’s most entertaining marketing podcast, is hosted by two highly-touted individuals in the marketing world — Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster.

Mark Schaefer is a wildly-successful marketing consultant and author of multiple digital marketing books, while Tom Webster lays his claim to fame as a “pithy researcher” at Edison Research.

Together, they bring a humor-filled, yet intellectual perspective to their listeners. Topics spread wide, but tend to follow the lines of content marketing and social media marketing — influencer marketing, new social platforms, insights on the future of the industry, and plenty more.

Could not be better, two intriguing and thought-provoking minds who possess the perfect balance of intellect and entertainment. –Randy Bowden

Long story short, you’ll walk away from this podcast feeling both more light-hearted and intellectual. How could you find fault in that?

3) Social Pros Podcast by Chris Moody and Randy Frisch

Social Pros Podcast, a product of Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert, is dedicated to content and social media marketing. Each episode, they interview top professionals, so you leave with a real-world sense of what opportunities and strategies characterize success in the field of content marketing.

There is much talk of digital marketing tactics, content marketing strategies and leadership, how to integrate digital marketing with events, and much more.

In short, you’ll pick up real applications of how to implement content marketing and social media into your business from the people who live in that world every day.

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4) Content Warfare Podcast by Ryan Henley

Ryan Henley is an author and digital marketing coach dedicated to teaching people about how to grab the most eyeballs online.

The Content Warfare Podcast walks you through strategies and concepts for winning the online battle for attention. Beyond Ryan’s personal expertise, you’ll also hear from experts in business, marketing, art, and plenty more talk about how they create compelling content and build digital influence.

The Content Warfare Podcast has hosted a number of big names in the industry, including Chris Brogan, Jay Baer, Mark Schaefer, Marcus Sheridan and plenty more. It’s the real deal, and you should tune in.

5) Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch

Duct Tape Marketing, led by esteemed marketing consultant, John Jantsch, is another exceptional podcast on the circuit.

John explores the depths of small business marketing by interviewing top influencers, authors, and experts in the marketing arena, along with digging into the stories of successful entrepreneurs. There’s a lot of variety in the Duct Tape Marketing podcast with topics ranging from social media marketing to business leadership to overall marketing strategy.

What’s Your Favorite Marketing Podcast?

This is by no means an exhaustive list. With the growing popularity of podcasts and tools like Anchor, I know there are plenty of outstanding people publishing audio content.

Leave a comment with your favorite marketing podcast, or drop a link to your own podcast if you’re trying to gain some exposure!


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