Top 5 Marketing Podcasts Every Small Business Owner Should Listen To

Guest post by Emily Johnson.

Small businesses are a lot of things…

Like a constant source of joy and accomplishment to the budding entrepreneurs who are their creators, or fruitful part-time occupations that allow you to build a side hustle.

And ideally, they fetch you money.

But that doesn’t happen without a brand or marketing strategy.

5 Marketing Podcasts Every Small Business Owner Should Listen To

As much as small business owners may be experts in their respective niches, approaching the business with a marketing mindset is a different skill entirely. Never mind that it’s a full-time job just keeping up with the rapid changes and challenges digital marketing frequently presents.

Fortunately, lots of prominent marketing consultants and successful business owners are sharing their expertise in the form of podcasts. Easy to consume on-the-go and typically lacking fluff, podcasts are an exceptional way for business owners to brush up on their marketing knowledge without sacrificing much time.

The podcast compilation below offers book-loads of marketing advice on how to make a small business thrive. These marketing podcasts are information-packed and entertaining, while making sure your time is used in a good way.

It’s time to put your listening ears on…

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Social Media Marketing 101 for Small Businesses

Guest submission by Victoria Greene.

Social media marketing and advertising are almost universally-applicable — they scale up to enterprise businesses, and right back down to entrepreneurs.

They’re also essential tools for local small businesses, like restaurants who are increasingly taking proactive steps with their social game — social has the spectacular power of offering access to engaged communities of customers.

Social Media Marketing 101 for Small Businesses

Not every small business should be running off and posting daily videos on YouTube, or has the resources to support a unique visual social strategy across multiple social platforms!

If you’re interested in making social work for your business, read on for some actionable tips on social media marketing for your small business.
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68 Ways to Make Your Small Business Successful on YouTube

1 billion hours every single day.

That’s how much video content is being consumed on YouTube as of 2017. That number continues to rise as the demand for online video grows among internet users. While Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are all making progress and adding new video friendly features, YouTube is still a dominant force.

Remarkably, the demand for video content is being met by more and more vloggers and businesses who are creating more than ever before.

300 hours of new video are added to YouTube every minute. Hundreds of thousands of channels are fighting for attention within their niche, so despite the demand, there is also fierce competition on YouTube.

68 Ways to Make Your Small Business Successful on YouTube

Regardless of the crowded nature of YouTube, it’s a platform that cannot be ignored. The site gets 1.5 billion monthly users and now might be considered the world’s second largest search engine, next to Google.

This means that a massive portion of online users turn to YouTube to answer their questions, see product reviews, and get educated.

Whether you’re a business owner, a marketer, or an aspiring internet celebrity, YouTube’s massive audience is big enough and varied enough that anyone can carve out a successful niche.

Below are five reasons why your business needs to start tapping into YouTube today, along with an infographic from Vlogging Guides with 68 ways to make the most of your videos.
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Why Facebook Video Ads Are a Must for Your Small Business

You know what’s fun? Spending your marketing budget on ads that don’t make a difference.

I kid.

American marketing pioneer, John Wanamaker, once remarked, “Half the money I spend on advertisements is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” [Tweet This]

Why Facebook Video Ads Are a Must for Your Small Business

Most small business owners have no trouble relating to this sentiment, so you’re definitely not alone.

The good great news is modern ad targeting techniques have ushered in a vastly-improved approach to understanding ad performance and managing ad spending, especially for small businesses.

While there are plenty of reliable options for online pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Facebook video advertisements are one of the best ways to track down that high ROI.

Below is a general description of what makes Facebook a strong ad platform, along with an infographic from Memory Tree Productions outlining why your business can’t afford to ignore Facebook video ads.

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Do Small Businesses Need to Be On Every Social Media Platform?

Your obsession with being everywhere is likely the reason you’re always nowhere.

Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, BeBee…

The list of social platforms seems to grow endlessly, and you’re left wondering if your business should be present on all or most of them?

Do Small Businesses Need to Be On Every Social Media Platform?

After all, everybody wants to be on the cutting edge and you feel like you simply can’t afford to miss the next big thing, right?


There are two major points of consideration when deciding where your small business should have a social media presence.

  • What marketing resources do you have available to you?
  • How do your customers prefer to consume information?

As you approach an answer to these questions, you’ll inevitably narrow down what platforms are likely to return the most value.

So, let’s chat about these considerations in detail.

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