68 Ways to Make Your Small Business Successful on YouTube

1 billion hours every single day.

That’s how much video content is being consumed on YouTube as of 2017. That number continues to rise as the demand for online video grows among internet users. While Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are all making progress and adding new video friendly features, YouTube is still a dominant force.

Remarkably, the demand for video content is being met by more and more vloggers and businesses who are creating more than ever before.

300 hours of new video are added to YouTube every minute. Hundreds of thousands of channels are fighting for attention within their niche, so despite the demand, there is also fierce competition on YouTube.

68 Ways to Make Your Small Business Successful on YouTube

Regardless of the crowded nature of YouTube, it’s a platform that cannot be ignored. The site gets 1.5 billion monthly users and now might be considered the world’s second largest search engine, next to Google.

This means that a massive portion of online users turn to YouTube to answer their questions, see product reviews, and get educated.

Whether you’re a business owner, a marketer, or an aspiring internet celebrity, YouTube’s massive audience is big enough and varied enough that anyone can carve out a successful niche.

Below are five reasons why your business needs to start tapping into YouTube today, along with an infographic from Vlogging Guides with 68 ways to make the most of your videos.
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How to Get Views On YouTube: YouTube Series, Part II

In Part I of our YouTube series, we discussed the importance of YouTube search rankings and described the major factors that determine these rankings: video titles, descriptions, tags, how many social interactions have taken place on your video, and much more.  Check out “How Does YouTube Rank Videos? YouTube Series, Part I” if you haven’t yet.

Now, let’s get into the more fun stuff where we get to experiment and see measurable results on our videos.  One of the more common questions that is always floating around the Internet: “how do I get more views on my YouTube videos?” 

There is no secret, no magic formula.  Getting lots of views on YouTube is similar to getting visitors to your website in that you follow a set of generally accepted guidelines for good search engine optimization, experiment, observe results, rinse and repeat.  Of course, there are steps you can follow to take some of the guesswork out of this video optimization process.

What You Need to Know to Get More YouTube Views
  • Understand video content still is and always will be king.
  • Do keyword research before you upload videos.
  • Analyze videos with similar content.
  • Consistently monitor and re-optimize your videos.
Content Precedes All

The first is pretty self-explanatory.  Content is king.  If your videos are boring, unoriginal, non-entertaining, or lacking information valuable to users, you’re going nowhere.

You can Tweet or share your video on Facebook until your fingers fall off, but nobody watches or shares boring videos.  Your views will peak and fall off quickly.

Content is king

When brainstorming for video ideas or while filming, think about the reasons you click on a video.  More importantly, think about the YouTube videos you’ve shared on Facebook or bookmarked in the past — why did you share or bookmark those videos?

Researching keywords for YouTube video titles and descriptions

Doing a small amount of keyword research before you upload videos can go a long way.  Your choice of keywords will determine how often you show up in search results on both YouTube and Google, and whether or not you hit your target audience.  Since Google operates YouTube, the best keyword research tool you’ll find is Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool.

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How Does YouTube Rank Videos? YouTube Series, Part I

With nearly eight years of content uploaded to YouTube every day, you might think to yourself, “What’s the point? My videos will just get caught in the flood and they’ll never rank first on Google. I’ll never get any views!”  Well, that’s the attitude of a Negative Nancy, and we don’t accept that nonsense around these parts!

How YouTube Ranks Videos

Image Credit: Google

Let’s be honest: Yes, some of your videos may flop and get washed away in the uploading frenzy.  However, that’s usually not because of the amount of content uploaded; it’s typically because the uploader didn’t do their research or correctly consider their target audience.

With some simple knowledge and determination, you can beat the flood of videos and rank on the first page of YouTube much more often than you might expect. There are some helpful concepts everyone can learn to increase YouTube rankings, and by extension, their YouTube views.

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