Why Facebook Video Ads Are a Must for Your Small Business

You know what’s fun? Spending your marketing budget on ads that don’t make a difference.

I kid.

American marketing pioneer, John Wanamaker, once remarked, “Half the money I spend on advertisements is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” [Tweet This]

Why Facebook Video Ads Are a Must for Your Small Business

Most small business owners have no trouble relating to this sentiment, so you’re definitely not alone.

The good great news is modern ad targeting techniques have ushered in a vastly-improved approach to understanding ad performance and managing ad spending, especially for small businesses.

While there are plenty of reliable options for online pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Facebook video advertisements are one of the best ways to track down that high ROI.

Below is a general description of what makes Facebook a strong ad platform, along with an infographic from Memory Tree Productions outlining why your business can’t afford to ignore Facebook video ads.

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Facebook Advertising 101: Nail Down The Basics (Infographic)

Infographic submitted by Ted Chong.

With more active users than any others social platform that exists, along with arguably the most powerful and targeted advertising platform in the history of marketing, neglecting Facebook is a pathway to losing business.

Plain and simple.

Facebook Advertising 101_ Nail Down The Basics (Infographic)

Facebook’s total revenue grew by 56% year-over-year to $7.01 billion, and mobile ad revenue accounted for 84% of total ad revenue (source).

Chances are, at least a few of your competitors are advertising on Facebook.

The oh-so-common questions I hear from business owners are…

  • “CPC? CMP? Conversion pixels? I don’t have the slightest idea where to begin and it all seems so complex.”
  • “There are so many ad options and variables involved. How can I be sure I’m not wasting my money?”
  • “I don’t think people go on Facebook to shop. They go on there to talk with friends and family. Why would I advertise there?”

All very legitimate concerns, especially if you only have a small ad budget that you need to go a long way.

Before getting into the complexities of Facebook ads, let’s take a step back and come at it from a very basic angle.

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Why Abandoning Facebook Is A Horrible Idea for Your Business

Over the past year or two, there’s been no shortage of marketers and brands complaining about “the ineffectiveness of Facebook”.

  • We’ve read post after post by marketers and business owners expressing the trouble they’re having with updates receiving less exposure (reach).
 Why Abandoning Facebook Is A Horrible Idea

The frustrations are understandable, as Facebook is perceived to have shifted from a platform that gave almost limitless access to your audience for no charge to a platform that gives limited access to your audience unless you pay.

So, what gives?

  • Is Facebook really pulling the rug out from underneath businesses and marketers?
  • Are there legitimate reasons for abandoning Facebook?

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Facebook to Start Sharing Mobile User Numbers by Country

TechCrunch recently reported, in an effort to increase transparency, Facebook has announced that it will begin sharing its mobile user counts for daily and monthly use.

This, Facebook hopes, will help businesses and brands think different about how their followers engage with Facebook. These statistics will be sorted by country, but are currently only available for the North American and UK markets.

Facebook to Start Sharing Mobile User Numbers by Country

Businesses that have been hesitant to engage in mobile advertising may now be more willing to launch mobile advertising campaigns to reach out to the users of mobile devices. Rather than the monthly statistics, most people will be interested in the daily statistics.

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3 Simple Tips to Increase Facebook Interaction

We can all agree the primary purpose of having a Facebook page is to get people talking about and interacting with your brand.   You can do this in a number of ways, whether it’s by providing incentives such as Fan of the Week awards, having contests, or simply by linking to compelling content.

Those are feasible methods to build interaction, but why beat around the bush?

Why not just come right out and ask your fans for feedback?  You don’t have to be subtle about wanting interaction — Facebook is a social network and the people who Liked your page did so because they clearly want some level of conversation with you.

So what is the best way to increase Facebook interaction?

By asking your fans lots of questions following the tips below.

Increase Facebook Interaction

Increasing interaction among Facebook fans can be a daunting task, but by following these tips and asking questions your problems should be solved. Image credit to pamil-visions.net

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