Social Marketing 2013: Capitalizing on the Visual Age

Pinterest became the third largest social Visual Content Marketing in 2013network, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion, and Tumblr is seeing nearly 61 million unique visitors a month…notice a trend?

2012 was the rise of visual content marketing and this trend will continue to grow in 2013. Even popular sites, such as Mashable and Airbnb, have made the move towards interfaces reflective of Pinterest. So what does this mean for your business and its social media strategy? What techniques can you use in order to turn visual engagement into conversions?

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Smartphone Use by College Students [Infographic]

Smartphone Usage of College Students Infographic

It’s no secret smartphone use has skyrocketed across the board the past few years, especially in many less developed countries where “Internet” and “phone” are arguably synonymous.

What’s the importance of understanding mobile usage? 

Think about where your smartphone is from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep at night.  If you’re anything like me, it’s either in your pocket or within a couple feet of you at all times.

This is huge for us marketers, because it’s your direct connection to consumers nearly every second of the day.  This is where consumers check social media, see your emails, find where you’re stores are located, browse your inventory, compare prices at the point of purchase, talk to friends, organize meetings, and so on.  This is where consumers do everything.  Simply put: If you’re ignoring mobile, you’re ignoring your consumers.

The infographic below delves into a huge and important segment of smartphone users: college students.  How many college students own a smartphone?  When do they use their phones?  Do they use smartphones primarily for work or for leisure?  Just a few of the many questions addressed with this infographic!

This is an infographic you can’t miss, especially if younger consumers make up your target market.

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Social Media in Higher Education [Infographic]

As a college student, it’s interesting to see the growing usage of social media in the world of academia.  The big-name universities are definitely making their impact, but my personal experiences tell me the mid-level and smaller universities still haven’t completely bought into the social media craze.

It’s unfortunate, especially for business majors who will undoubtedly be forced to put Internet and social media marketing to good use in their careers. 

The infographic below takes a peek into how universities are using social media, what some of the pros and cons are, and which universities are leading the pack. 

What pros and cons do you see with social media in higher education?  Does your university have a centralized social media strategy?

Surviving the College Dining HallInfographic provided by: Online Universities Blog