The Social Life of Mark Zuckerberg [Infographic]

Infographics with dozens of statistics and random facts are pretty neat, but it’s the creative, tongue-in-cheek infographics that always seem to top the charts.  Take the 15 Grammar Goofs infographic from Copyblogger for example.  It’s been shared over 51,000 times on Pinterest, tweeted nearly 3,000 times, and shared on Facebook 14,000 times.


Because it was more than a picture of a boring marketing research report.  It had creativity and humor, was unique, and still served up some useful information.

Mark Zuckerberg Infographic via WebpageFX

The infographic (see below) highlighting Mark Zuckerberg’s milestones using Timeline is sure to cause a sharing frenzy. Infographic courtesy of WebpageFX. Image credit to

We have a feeling the infographic below is going to cause an eruption of sharing similar to the Copyblogger infographic…and we’re going to contribute!  Highlighting major milestones in Mark Zuckerberg’s life (based on the movie “The Social Network”) using Facebook’s Timeline, the designers over at WebpageFX have really outdone themselves.  What do you think?


The Facebook Timeline of Mark ZuckerbergInfographic by WebpageFX

What are your favorite parts of the infographic?  Share it!

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  1. Rhysorwin says:

    Cool but it’s the wrong way around which makes it a bit lame

    • Infographics tend to be read from top to bottom, so I can see why it was made that way.  Otherwise, people would have to scroll to the bottom of the infographic, then read from bottom to top.

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