Converting To A Business Instagram Profile? Here’s Everything You Should Know

I participate in a lot of social media Facebook groups and generally get involved in social media discussions happening on Twitter or Instagram.

Lately, a lot of people have been raising the question…

“Should I convert from a personal Instagram profile to a business profile?”

Short answer: yes, if you’re operating as a brand or influencer, this switch will be beneficial.

Should You Convert To A Business Instagram Profile

This post details the common concerns of switching to a Business profile, and discusses the benefits of doing so, like…

  • Why switching to a business profile won’t inherently lower your reach or engagement
  • Instagram analytics and how you can manipulate the data to gather insight about your presence and followers
  • The extra contact methods Instagram business profiles offer
  • The importance of having access to Instagram advertising

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How Often Should You Post on Instagram?

The age-old social media question…

“How often should I post to maximize engagement?”

With Instagram continuing to make its way into the mainstream portfolio of every marketer, I’ve seen this question popping up more and more.

How Often Should You Post on Instagram?

The answer for Instagram is the same as it was in the past, when people asked about how many times to post to Facebook and Twitter.

Finding the optimal post frequency and maximizing engagement has always come down to one simple behavior: Test. Test. Test.

And when you’ve had enough of testing, test again.

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