7 Tactics Every Brand Should Adopt to Reach WeChat’s 700 Million Users

Guest post submitted by Benji Lamb.

WeChat is quickly becoming a phenomenon for Western social media marketers.

With 700 million active monthly users — twice the population of the US, all contained in a single closed system — it’s crucial for Western marketers to understand the opportunities in this environment.


7 Tactics Every Brand Should Adopt to Reach WeChat's 700 Million Users

It’s equally as important for marketers to be aware of the differences in Chinese Internet user habits, technology use, and overall culture in this very different arena before jumping in head first.

The conflicts most often encountered when moving into the WeChat network is, conceptually, similar to the conflicts we experience with our more familiar social networks:

  • How do you attract targeted followers to your account (preferably organically)?
  • How do you disseminate content effectively, manage communications, and bring genuine value to those followers so they buy?

While the concepts are the same, the methodology does often differ greatly on Chinese social networks. We’ll be focusing specifically on WeChat, but many of these principles apply to other Chinese social networks as well.

If you’re completely new to the Chinese environment, give this Chinese digital marketing overview a quick read, then come back here to talk WeChat in more detail.

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Digital Marketing In China: What You Need To Know

Post submitted by Benji Lamb.

The Chinese digital marketing ecosystem is a unique one, much different from what we’re used to seeing in the US and Europe.

The first step for marketers seeking to adapt their brands to the Chinese digital market is understanding the broader context before developing your strategy.

Digital Marketing In China - What You Need To Know

A couple stats to start this off with a bang:

  • China’s population is approaching 1.4 billion.
  • China’s Internet penetration rate is 55 percent.

That makes China the largest online marketplace in the world with around 700 million “netizens” to be reached…

…but only if you have an understanding of the Chinese digital landscape and a proper digital strategy in place.

Let’s take a dive into nine important features of the digital market in China.

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How to Complete an SEO Competitive Analysis

How to Complete an SEO Competitive AnalysisHave you ever looked at a competitor’s website and wondered why they were ranking higher than you in search engines?

In this post, we’re going to walk through the process of completing a search engine optimization (SEO) analysis, a tool to help you better understand the competitive landscape of search engine rankings in your industry.

This SEO competitive analysis will provide a base of knowledge and a strategic foundation you can use to outrank your competitors in Google and other search engines.

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4 Awesome Google Analytics Dashboards You’ll Love

There seems to be an analytics craze in the marketing arena these days, for good reason. After all, the shift toward digital has made marketing more quantifiable than ever.

With so many different analytics tools being thrown at us from every direction, it’s hard to know where to turn first!

This is why Google Analytics comes in handy, as I think it’s the most robust, reliable free analytics platform available and always a great place to start wrapping your head around how your digital marketing efforts are performing.

4 Awesome Google Analytics Dashboards You'll Love

In this post, I’ll share four really helpful Google Analytics dashboards I guarantee will make your life easier and your digital marketing more effective!

The beauty of these dashboards is they can be easily shared with just a few clicks and I’ll explain how you can add them to your Google Analytics account in seconds later in the post.

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Optimizing Your Word of Mouth Advertising

Optimizing Your Word of Mouth AdvertisingPost by Rob Swystun from @RhinoForceLLC.

Back in the dark ages (pre-internet 20th Century), businesses put a lot of effort into gaining and maintaining a stellar reputation.

They knew that no matter how much they advertised, the real advertising was done when customers and clients told other people about the business and gave it their unofficial endorsement.

Who would you rather trust for information about how good a business is: your best friend or a TV commercial paid for by the company?

This type of word-of-mouth advertising has lent itself nicely to the internet with sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, where people leave reviews of businesses allowing people to check if the business has a good or bad reputation.

Once upon a time, directory listings like Yelp received pretty high rankings on SERPs. They fell out of favor with Google after some time.

But, with Google’s recent algorithm change, Hummingbird, directories are making a comeback in Google results.

Hummingbird seems to be returning more specific metro-level pages from these national directories for generic keywords, especially keywords that include geo-modifiers.

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