One Strategy to Rule Them All: Driving Revenue with Social Media

Driving Revenue with Social MediaMany businesses look at social media and say “Ah, there’s no way our product or brand would be interesting enough for anyone to care,” or “No one is going to buy our product on Facebook! Our average order is WAY too expensive.” These businesses want to use social media to drive sales.

And why shouldn’t they?

If they’re going to pay a consultant or team member to market to potential customers on those networks, wanting that marketing to translate into real dollars and cents is a reasonable expectation. Up to this point, the response has often been lackluster. Words like branding and community typically take the place of tougher words like revenue and return on investment.

I’m here to tell you today the code has been cracked – driving and measuring revenue with social media can be done by any business. There’s one strategy that can work for ANYONE.

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Social Networking vs. Social Acquainting

I love the Internet and social media.  No, really, I do.

*cue 3rd grade insult*

“If you love them so much, why don’t you marry them?”  Maybe I will little kid, leave me alone!  Okay, I’m getting carried away.  To the point of this post…

Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or the new Google+, social networks continue motivating us to connect with each other.  So much emphasis is placed on how many fans and followers you have, how many connections you have, and so on.

The social platforms we use encourage keeping scores and competing with each other on numbers, and we absolutely love that.  I’m as guilty of getting caught up in the numbers as anyone.  But if you’re not seeing great results with social media marketing, try this: Take a step back and realize the harsh reality that maybe, just maybe, no one cares.

Why doesn’t anyone care?  Well, it could be that you dress funny, but there’s probably a better reason…

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