Twitter 101: 6 Fundamentals to Growing Your Twitter Following

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It’s never a good idea to buy your friends, and social media is no exception to this rule.

Nevertheless, it’s a common practice for businesses, brands and even celebrities to pay for Facebook likes, YouTube views, and Twitter followers in order to boost their prominence in the social media sphere.

If your followers come from Fiverr, put your hand up (as she slowly raises her hand in shame).

6 Fundamentals to Growing Your Twitter Following

Although buying social proof is certainly an easy way to build buzz, there are more meaningful ways to bolster your brand without emptying your wallet.

Furthermore, the benefits of acquiring follows from your target audience far outweigh the benefits of thoughtless follows.

Below are six tips to growing your Twitter following sans Fiverr.

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4 Reasons Your Tweeting Immediately Kills My Interest

4 Reasons Your Tweeting Immediately Kills My InterestPeople who are new to Twitter sometimes ask me how to get followers and how they can build relationships using Twitter.

My first response is always, “try being a human being.”

That’s a great place to start, but of course there’s more to understanding Twitter etiquette than just a vague idea of being human.

If you’ve been on Twitter for a while, this list probably won’t surprise you too much, but a reminder of good etiquette never hurts.

For those who want to improve their Twitter presence, understanding what not to do is often a useful way of understanding what to do.

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How To Automate Twitter Using Feedly, Buffer, and IFTTT [Guide]

Do you ever find yourself in a sinkhole of time when it comes to Twitter?

If you could automate Twitter and free more of your time for engagement, wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Read on for the guide, or watch the video below for a walkthrough.

Before we dive in, let’s dispel the myth that automating social media is a mortal sin.

Every industry seeks to automate time-consuming tasks to some extent, so there’s no need to place social media management on a pedestal that doesn’t exist elsewhere.

Anyone who’s managed multiple Twitter accounts for clients knows the job is incredibly labor-intensive.

Between finding or creating great content to share, optimizing tweets to maximize click-throughs, and setting up sharing schedules, time goes right out the window.

MORE: Get three practical lessons about creating a winning social media strategy for your business. Join here.

Neglecting automation plainly limits your ability to engage followers as often as you should and, as a result, limits your ability to do what is best for you and your clients…an avoidable lose-lose scenario.

To emphasize, automating Twitter doesn’t give you a license to ignore your presence or followers.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

When you automate Twitter, you should be engaging your followers more often — responding to their tweets, driving conversations, and thanking those who retweet you or share your content — because you no longer have to spend as much time curating and publishing new content.

So, let’s make at least one aspect of social media management — Twitter — a bit less time-consuming by using three free, simple tools: Feedly, Buffer, and IFTTT.

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10 Fundamental Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter Etiquette

Twitter has exploded in Do's and Don'ts of Twitter - Twitter Etiquettepopularity over the past few years, offering businesses a way to listen to and reach out to their target audiences.

While Twitter was built on a platform of simplicity, it’s by no means an easy marketing tool to grasp.  A few misconceptions about how to use Twitter can land your business in a minefield of negativity and bad PR.

For that reason alone, it’s important to be aware of the fundamental “rules” of Twitter etiquette before you dive in.  If your brand is already on Twitter, these do’s and don’ts will serve as a handy checklist to ensure your behavior isn’t putting off customers.

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7 Sharp Ways To Boost Your Visual Content With Twitter’s Vine App

This is a guest post from Jasmine Henry of Inbound Marketing Agents.

How to Use Vine App for Social Media MarketingIt was only matter of time before Twitter met users’ hunger for visual social media content.

Following a year when Instagram grew dramatically (subsequently being acquired by Facebook for $1 billion) and Pinterest grew to attract 1,090 visitors a minute, Twitter’s January 24th launch of the Vine app hasn’t been a disappointment.

In fact, Vine has quickly become one of the hottest topics in social media marketing, leaving brands and consumers buzzing about ways to maximize the social experience using Vine’s six-second video clips.

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