Social Media Weekly News In Under Two Minutes | March 3, 2017 | Episode 1

I’m starting up a weekly series that covers hot topics and happenings in the social media industry entitled: Social Media Weekly News In Under Two Minutes.

The kicker…

As you might guess, every episode will be less than two minutes, packed with straight-to-the-point information, and include links for deeper reading, because I know you all are crunched for time.

In this week’s episode, I hit on:

  • Snapchat’s recent IPO and the debates surrounding that event.
  • Instagram and its stronghold with influencer marketing.
  • Edelman’s 2017 Trust Report and how it impacts social media, content, and influencer marketing.

Give it a quick watch and check out the links below the video for more information about these topics.

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Converting To A Business Instagram Profile? Here’s Everything You Should Know

I participate in a lot of social media Facebook groups and generally get involved in social media discussions happening on Twitter or Instagram.

Lately, a lot of people have been raising the question…

“Should I convert from a personal Instagram profile to a business profile?”

Short answer: yes, if you’re operating as a brand or influencer, this switch will be beneficial.

Should You Convert To A Business Instagram Profile

This post details the common concerns of switching to a Business profile, and discusses the benefits of doing so, like…

  • Why switching to a business profile won’t inherently lower your reach or engagement
  • Instagram analytics and how you can manipulate the data to gather insight about your presence and followers
  • The extra contact methods Instagram business profiles offer
  • The importance of having access to Instagram advertising

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Facebook Advertising 101: Nail Down The Basics (Infographic)

Infographic submitted by Ted Chong.

With more active users than any others social platform that exists, along with arguably the most powerful and targeted advertising platform in the history of marketing, neglecting Facebook is a pathway to losing business.

Plain and simple.

Facebook Advertising 101_ Nail Down The Basics (Infographic)

Facebook’s total revenue grew by 56% year-over-year to $7.01 billion, and mobile ad revenue accounted for 84% of total ad revenue (source).

Chances are, at least a few of your competitors are advertising on Facebook.

The oh-so-common questions I hear from business owners are…

  • “CPC? CMP? Conversion pixels? I don’t have the slightest idea where to begin and it all seems so complex.”
  • “There are so many ad options and variables involved. How can I be sure I’m not wasting my money?”
  • “I don’t think people go on Facebook to shop. They go on there to talk with friends and family. Why would I advertise there?”

All very legitimate concerns, especially if you only have a small ad budget that you need to go a long way.

Before getting into the complexities of Facebook ads, let’s take a step back and come at it from a very basic angle.

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7 Tactics Every Brand Should Adopt to Reach WeChat’s 700 Million Users

Guest post submitted by Benji Lamb.

WeChat is quickly becoming a phenomenon for Western social media marketers.

With 700 million active monthly users — twice the population of the US, all contained in a single closed system — it’s crucial for Western marketers to understand the opportunities in this environment.


7 Tactics Every Brand Should Adopt to Reach WeChat's 700 Million Users

It’s equally as important for marketers to be aware of the differences in Chinese Internet user habits, technology use, and overall culture in this very different arena before jumping in head first.

The conflicts most often encountered when moving into the WeChat network is, conceptually, similar to the conflicts we experience with our more familiar social networks:

  • How do you attract targeted followers to your account (preferably organically)?
  • How do you disseminate content effectively, manage communications, and bring genuine value to those followers so they buy?

While the concepts are the same, the methodology does often differ greatly on Chinese social networks. We’ll be focusing specifically on WeChat, but many of these principles apply to other Chinese social networks as well.

If you’re completely new to the Chinese environment, give this Chinese digital marketing overview a quick read, then come back here to talk WeChat in more detail.

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Why Connecting Your Brand With Influencers Is Imperative (and How This Applies to Digital Marketing)

As of 2006, Nike was spending $475 million annually on endorsement deals with athletes.

LeBron James made $33 million in 2013 from endorsement deals with companies like Samsung, Nike, and Coca-Cola (Sprite).

Why Connecting With Influencers Is Imperative

Why such huge spending on endorsements?

Based on a 2012 study by Anita Elberse and Jeroen Verleun in the Journal of Advertising Research:

signing top athletic endorsers corresponds with “around $10 million in additional sales annually and nearly a 0.25% increase in stock returns.” (1)

Why do endorsements have such a significant impact on consumer decisions?

And can we use the same rationale to explain why connecting with influencers in your industry or niche is a critical path to growing your brand?

Yep, and here’s how…

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